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Aldens teamed up with local company “The Cotswold Cider Company” to share in something we think needs to be tried. Enjoy.

No Brainer
ABV – 4.8%
Style – Dry.Cloudy.Sparkling

Tasting Notes:
A smooth, fresh, big apple mouth with a bittersweet tannin kick and lasting orchard layers that keep on giving. A bold satisfying session cider.

Sweet Cheeks
ABV – 4%
Style – Medium sweetness, lush berry goodness

Tasting notes:
Light, crisply delicate blackberry apple mouth with an elegantly restrained elderberry sharpness, giving way to a smooth, medium bittersweet apple hold and finishing on beautifully balanced, subtle berry tones.

Side Burns:
ABV – 5.4%
Style – Medium, rich fruity and distinctive

Tasting notes:
Crisp zingy mouth with a deep, rich full tannic body that holds and then carresses the taste buds, subtly soothing the senses until they finally tell you to go again. Wholesome toffee popcorn goodness…

Blow Horn
ABV – 4%
Style – Medium, chai spiced.

Tasting notes:
The Cotswold Cider Companys secret recipe of whole chai spices go to making this medium cider a unique and refreshing revelation, awakening senses you didn’t know you had. A balanced bittersweet base blended with the mystical spice infusion sets your heart racing to pick out the beguiling flavours flirting with your synapses. Uniquely satisfying

This box contains 4 x 500ml bottles:

  • NoBrainer x1
  • Sideburns x1
  • Sweet Cheeks x1
  • BlowHorn x1

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12 bottles, 6 bottles

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