Half Spring Lamb


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Contrary to popular belief, June is among the best time of the year for British ‘Spring’ Lamb. Having been allowed to spend much of their time outside, grazing on a grass based diet, these lambs have a more rosy coloured meat with a succulent, almost sweet taste.

Half Leg on the bone x1
Half Shoulder on the bone x1
Half shoulder boneless x1
Boneless Leg Steaks x5
Boneless chump steaks x 4
Lamb Riblets x 20
Rack of lamb 7-bone x1
Lamb chops x 8

– The half lamb will yield about 40 portions. All packed ready to freeze if needed.
– The leg steaks can be easily cut into cubes / strips for curries or stir-fry.
– The rack and easily be cut in-between the bone for “French Trim” cutlets or in half for a 3-bone rack
– The boneless shoulder joint can be cut in half for mini joint.

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12 bottles, 6 bottles

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