Beef Fillet Larder Trim Aged

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For that extra special dish our beef fillets continue to impress. All fillets are taken from grass fed selected beef. Our butchers expertly “larder trim” the fillet making sure it’s prepared just right. Lovely and tender with great flavor.

Season with salt & pepper. Oil pan. Seal in pan (you should hear a sizzle when you place the steaks in the pan). Move to preheated oven for further cooking. Preheat the oven to 200°c. 10 minutes per 454g (1lbs) of meat. For rare 50-52°c, Medium 55-60°c, well done 64-70°c. When taken from oven leave to rest for a least 20 minutes. (Please not the temperature will increase by at least 2°c when taken from oven).




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0.5kg 1.1lbs serves 2, 1kg 2.2lbs serves 3-4, 2kg 4.4lbs serves 5-6, 2.5kg 5.5lbs serves 6-8, 3kg 6.6lbs serves 9-10