Why grass-fed beef?

Our customers often ask us about grass-fed beef. In the UK, we’re lucky to have the ideal mix of a mild climate, succulent and nutritious grass for natural grazing and a low stress, high welfare lifestyle- so we can produce some of the best grass-fed beef in the world (if not the best!).

The cattle are grown slowly, at their natural pace, grazing on the grass as nature intended. Even when harsh weather prevents outside grassing, they’re fed hay and silage, both are 100% from grass! This leads to great health benefits, to us and the cattle, which means an amazing taste and flavour.

But is it really better than the alternatives?

In short, yes. Here, we’ll explore the benefits to your health and the environment, as well as why it tastes so good!

Grass-fed Cote de Boeuf

“Is it better for you?”

Grass fed beef is better for you. When their diet is over 70% grass-based, the chemical composition is altered significantly for the better. The saturated fats found within the beef change to the healthier Omega 3 fatty acids, meaning it is much lower in fat (this also helps the taste!). As well as this, grass-fed beef is also much more nutrient rich, packed full of protein, iron, Vitamins A, B and E, with higher levels of Potassium, Phosphorous and Zinc- all vital to maintaining good health.

“Is it better for the environment?”

As well as being better for you, grass-fed beef is also better for the planet. A grass-based diet is what was intended by nature and means that there is less need for large diesel fuelled farm machinery, as cattle are naturally harvesting their own food.

The composition of the soil they graze on is vital to the environment too. The amount of organic matter within soil is essential to helping reverse the effects of climate change. Introducing grass, herbs and clovers that build organic soil matter, which is then grazed on by animals in rotation. When these animals fertilise the soil, it results in a balanced and natural eco system that regenerates topsoil, increases biodiversity and improves water cycles.

“Does it taste better?”

Cooked, sliced grass-fed beefIn every way. As we mentioned above, the change from saturated fats to Omega 3 greatly improves the taste and texture, resulting in a richer and deeper flavour. Being allowed to roam freely while grazing builds muscle tone, meaning a firmer and leaner meat which has been given the time to develop the rich and deeper flavours that grass-fed beef is famous for.

Why not try our Grass-Fed Boneless Rib of Beef for yourself? We may be biased, but we think it’s the best there is! It’s also perfect to use in our delicious Roast Rib of Beef recipe for your next roast lunch or dinner!