Here at Aldens Meatmaster, we’re passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality produce and service. We source our meat from local and regional farms and tracing each product from ‘field to fork’. We guarantee the peace of mind knowing that you’ll be receiving the best, that has been expertly butchered by our experienced traditional craft butchers.

Giving you peace of mind

In Meatmaster, we use the same high-quality meat as Aldens Catering Butchers. We source the majority of our meat from local and regional farms with some of it coming from right here in Oxfordshire.

We work closely with all of our suppliers, who are regularly visited and audited against our own high standards. Our technical advisors visit each to ensure their premises offer the highest animal welfare standards. This gives you the standard of meat and peace of mind you deserve. They will then report back with their findings, from which a decision is made. We continuously visit and monitor all of our suppliers throughout the year.


Aldens are committed to sourcing the highest quality meat to give you the best flavours and textures around. Part of this is our commitment to traceability and knowing exactly where our meat comes from. We use batch, production and dispatch codes, meaning you can find out everything you need about your produce, from ‘field to fork’. By tracing your meat right back to the farm where they were bred, we know that they adhere to the highest welfare standards, giving you and your family the confidence you’d expect from Aldens.

Provenance, sustainability and a commitment to animal welfare are at the heart of everything we do. We regularly review and improve our supply chain and processes. Random audits are carried out to ensure that the traceability of all of our products is maintained. If you have any questions about where your meat comes from, get in touch!