Aldens Meatmaster will be celebrating National Butchers’ Week this year, taking place from March 9th-15th.

This year marks the 12th anniversary of National Butcher’s Week, which highlights the great work being done by butchers from around the UK that sets them apart from the competition. It also focuses on the fantastic innovation that takes place within butchers’ shops across the land. National Butchers’ Week is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and promote your local butchers and remind people of the benefits of eating meat and the important role it plays in a healthy, balanced diet and that we are here to help you with that.

To celebrate, each day throughout the week we will be focusing on a ‘Cut of the day’, where they will have complimentary cooked samples of different traditional and innovative cuts of meat in their store in Osney Mead and special offers for their loyalty scheme customers.

Meatmaster’s senior butchers, Ian and Norm, will be on hand throughout the week to share advice and the knowledge they have gathered during more than 40 years combined experience working as butchers and to help our customers understand more about the different cuts of meat available to them and how they can be cooked.

Having been based in Oxfordshire for over 227 years, we feel we have a strong connection with the people of Oxford. We want to encourage people to tap into our knowledge, learn more about meat and, most importantly of all, learn how to cook different types of meat and enjoy it at home. Take a look below at what we have going on…

What is happening during National Butchers’ Week?

‘Cut of the Day’

Each day we’re going to be focusing on a ‘Cut of the Day’, with cooked tasters and specially designed recipes…

Monday– Cumberland (Cumberland Sausage with Parma ham mash)
Tuesday– Beef Topside (Slow cooked Beef topside)

Wednesday– Pork Chops (BBQ Sticky Chinese Pork Chops)

Thursday– Thursday (Chicken and Chorizo Ragu)

Friday– Sirloin Steak (Sirloin Steak with Potato Wedges)

Saturday– Pheasant (Pot roast Pheasant)

Sunday– Leg of Lamb (Roast Rosemary Leg of Lamb)


Monday- Cumberland Sausage with Parma ham mash

Tuesday- Slow cooked Beef topside

Wednesday- BBQ Sticky Chinese Pork Chops

Thursday- Chicken and Chorizo Ragu

Friday- Sirloin Steak with Potato Wedges

Saturday- Pot roast Pheasant

Sunday- Roast Rosemary Leg of Lamb

Loyalty Offers

To reward our Loyalty customers, we’ll have special offers running throughout the week linked to our ‘Cut of the Day’.


• 25 bonus points for 454g pack of Cumberland Sausages

• 50 bonus points for 2.27kg of Cumberland Sausages


• 25 bonus points for Beef topside


•25 bonus points for £3.99 pack of pork chops


• 10 bonus points for each pack of Chorizo


• 25 bonus points for single steak

• 50 bonus points for two steaks


• Double points on Pheasant


• 15 bonus points for on the bone leg of lamb

• 25 bonus points for boneless leg of lamb