Many people have very serious concerns over the current outbreak of the Coronavirus. We wanted to contact you to reassure you regarding Aldens Meatmaster and Fishmarket.

The virus is not food borne, and it can only be transmitted through close contact with someone who is infected. There have been no instances of the virus amongst our staff or in the immediate area.

What we are doing

Hygiene and quality control have always been at the heart of the business, passing many audits throughout the year as one of the best in the industry.

However we have taken extra precautions throughout our premises, with increased cleaning of the premises and equipment. Those of you visiting our stores, please can we ask all customers to sanitise their hands using the sanitiser provided upon entering the store. If possible, please pay by contactless bank or Apple pay to minimise unnecessary contact.

Across the business we have taken all the necessary precautions in order to minimise any potential supply disruption and minimise the risk of the transmission of Coronavirus, including:

• Strict adherence to government advice, being reviewed by the management team daily
• Staff not involved in physical work within the facilities to be encouraged to work remotely
• Implementation of additional hygiene controls across all sites

We have prepared a detailed plan which will be implemented wholly or partly depending on the progression of the pandemic.

To see our entire COVID-19 statement, please click here.

How we can help

You may have seen that, due to the ongoing uncertainty around the COVID-19 outbreak, we have been much busier than usual as many of our customers are choosing to stock up.

I want to personally reassure you that we will remain open and fully stocked. Our store staff are working hard to ensure that our shelves are consistently stocked for you. We have no concerns regarding supply at this stage and do not expect this to change.

As well as our fresh produce, we also have a wide range of frozen items. All items are safely and hygienically frozen, meaning you can stock up your freezer full of the best foods right there ready for when you need it.

Meat and fish of the highest quality. As you’d expect from Aldens, you’ll be receiving high class meat cheaper than you can buy from supermarkets. Good meat is proven to have many health benefits, including assisting in maintaining a healthy immune system.

You’re in safe hands when you shop with Aldens.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and I look forward to seeing you in store again soon.