Aldens are delighted to be working with Hollands Farm in Great Milton, Oxfordshire to bring you the very best in local, sustainably produced and grass-fed beef, delivered from Hollands Farm direct to your door.

We’re proud to work with some of the best farms around the country. Hollands Farm are no different. However, It does make it extra special when they are a local, family owned farm sharing many of the same values as here at Aldens.

We are very closely linked to Hollands Farm, they’re family! In 1922 our Managing Director, Leonard Alden, bought Hollands Farm and it has remained in the family to this day! From that day in 1922, Hollands Farm have been producing the finest quality beef to the highest welfare standards for 98 years. A dairy herd was established on the farm in 1973 and whilst cows are no longer milked there, every one of their animals is descended from that very herd.

We’ll be working very closely with the guys at Hollands Farm through every step of the process. This means we can follow the beef from the field to your doorstep, ensuring the highest level of traceability and quality produce.

Hollands Farm's beef specialist, Daniel.Local and sustainable beef

Their herd consists exclusively of Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle. These traditional British breeds are ideally suited to the Hollands Farm nature-led method of farming. All their cattle are reared on the complete opposite of an “intensive” system.

They are free to graze on ancient pastures alongside the River Thame for up to 8 months of the year (weather dependant). During the winter months, they live in state-of-the-art, purpose-built barns. During this period home grown hay, grass silage, straw, barley and pulses make up their diet.

As well as feeding their cattle a world class and fully sustainable diet, Hollands Farm work very closely with The River Thame Conservation Trust, Natural England and DEFRA (The Ministry of Agriculture) to protect and enhance the natural environment that they provide to their livestock.

What happens when Aldens receive the beef?Cattle on Hollands Farm

Once we receive the beef from the short journey from Hollands Farm, we dry age it for a minimum of 21 days in our specially designed temperature and humidity controlled dry-ageing rooms here at Aldens HQ. This allows the beef to mature and the natural enzymes within the beef to develop the flavours and ensure optimum tenderness.

Once this process is complete, our master butchers get to work to finish off and expertly prepare individual cuts and joints, finally vacuum-packing them to keep the meat in peak condition and exceptionally fresh.

How to buy

You can buy Hollands Farm Beef directly from our website and have it delivered directly to your door! You can currently purchase one of two boxes, the Everyday Box and the Premium Box (or both if you wish!).

The Everyday Box, for £75, comes complete with steaks, roasting joints and plenty of our lean beef for your stews, barbecues and mid-week meals.

The Premium Box, for £145, really is something special, offering premier restaurant-style cuts for special occasions.

​The final part is down to you, the chef! The heritage, history and freshness will really come through in the taste and tenderness of the beef. If you need some inspiration, why not check out our recipes?